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So, what's the cost?

Nothing hidden, totally up front.

Straightforward Monthly Fees. Your 1st month's ListingKit fees are free!*
*Does not include your adwords or other media costs.

Awesome, Standard Fees

10% Of Ad Budget
  • - If you spend $100, our fee is $10. If you spend $1000, our fee is $100. Etc.
  • - Monthly, no contracts
  • - We design & push ads out.
  • - You can manage/design your ads also.
  • - Set your own ad budget.


Fees Vary
  • - Based on volume of client accounts.
  • - Unlimited number of feeds/accounts.

Need something completely outside the box? Please contact us here.

Month to Month Start small, then go big!

No need to blow a huge budget if you are new to digitally marketing your products. You can start with just a few ads, with a small budget. Get your feet wet, see how things work, then you can increase your budget as time goes on.