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Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are some of our more frequently asked questions.

Basically, we take your inventory of products - vehicles, real estate, menu items, store goods, etc - and we convert each into a digital ad, some with multiple ads, and we launch these ads across the web on Google's Adwords network, other networks coming on soon.
We typically get your inventory onto our platform using a data feed of some sort, or you can manually upload a data file with all your product info.
We can design some ads, or you can. If we do, we of course get your feedback on the goals you want to achieve with your ads.
This is completely up to you. We set the info ahead of time in the settings so each ad is targeted properly. We can do a zip code radius, city, state, you just let us know.
Our platform serves your live inventory. This means if you sell an item, or add an item, our platform includes or removes ads based on this. Whatever we have in the feed is what we show. If an item sells and you no longer have this, remove from the feed and we'll remove the ad.
Our goal is to provide a service that even small businesses can afford. We have our low monthly service fee, then you set your own budget on Google and pay their cost - we don't up sell the per click costs. So if your budget is $200 or $20,000 a month, those fees go directly to your ads, not us.
This is completely up to you. Do you want higher quality click throughs or just want to blast a ton of ads out for exposure? Your goals will help determine how to use your particular budget. We have some spending $100 a month, and then some spending thousands a month. Completely up to you.
You absolutely do not. We are month to month, cancel any time.
Your products of course! Assuming we can get a url location for each ad in the feed, when someone clicks on an ad they are directed straight to your site where that product is listed, or some other landing page you might want. Inventory marketing can be used to drive traffic to that exact product, or for brand recognition, or whatever else you want, but it excels at driving traffic to your product pages.

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