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Ad Agencies & Third Party Partners Feed us inventory from your clients and we'll export ads to your accounts.

We're Open To Help!

ListingKit is open for agencies and other third party companies to send us inventory feeds from clients you work with and we will turn around and export full inventory ads to your accounts.

The process is pretty simple. We have a robust data file mapping system where you can send us a feed from yours, or your clients management system, website provider, or whomever, and we'll map the file out so it imports properly into our platform. Your feed can be daily, weekly, or in between. The process is automated once you are all set up. You can design your own display and text ads, set daily budgets and so on.


Simple, Easy Process

Feed your inventory to our platform. We'll process and store. Add your ad templates and set the campaign settings. We connect to your Adwords account and export all campaigns, ad groups and ads, full created, to your account.

This process runs daily, adding any new inventory and removing any sold inventory.

Your Accounts Remain Your Accounts We take a hands off approach to your clients.

We do not contact or interact at all with your clients - unless you want us to. We deal directly with you, you deal with your clients. We fully support you, and your clients, behind the scenes.