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Market your inventory

to new customers.^1000

across the web.^1000

to locals only.^1000

to simply sell more.^1000

We auto convert your live inventory/products into ads.

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Welcome to ListingKit We Are An Inventory Marketing Platform

Rather than simply waiting for customers to come to you, we send your inventory out as individual digital ads to find your customers.

The process is quite simple. We import your inventory into our platform. From there it is converted into multiple ads sizes, then launched out onto potentially hundreds, or even thousands, of websites your customers are already visiting regularly. You have an inventory of products, why not let it work for you.

Clean Code

Ads are developed using standardized code, sizes and graphics. Your ads will show on all devices.

Mobile Optimized

All campaigns are optimized for mobile shoppers. Everything we do is based on the the mobile viewer first.


We use your actual product images in all the ads as well as high quality stock images when it is needed.

Awesome Portfolio

Each product runs as it's own ad group with multiple ad sizes for each. With even minimal inventory, you wind up with lots of ads pushing your company.

You've stocked up on the best products and services.
Now let them work for you.

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What does ListingKit do? We Convert Your Live Inventory Into Digital Ads

The process is quite simple. We import your inventory in then export all your ads out. Won't this create hundreds, potentially thousands of ads? Technically, yes. However, you don't need to worry about managing hundreds or thousands of ads, our platform automates the entire process. You select the types of products, our platform takes care of the rest. What happens if you sell limited inventory, then get new inventory? Our platform checks for inventory changes daily then exports anything new as digital ads, then removes any ads if those are sold.

website service

Where do your inventory ads get published? Google Search & Display, Bing Coming Soon

We run ads on sites using standard, most popular ad sizes, of every single item in inventory. So each item can have multiple ads in numerous sizes to ensure your ads are optimized for desktop viewing as we all mobile and can be viewed across the web.

website service

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website service

Multiple Ad Sizes Ads For Any Device

We design & develop ads to fit a multitude of devices, in the most popular sizes. Text ads, image ads and in between. We don't want to just serve ads, we want to serve those ads where they will be seen. Your shoppers can find your products/services on sites they are visiting and be directed to that product, on your website.

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website service

What Else Can We Do? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Waze. Etc.

We aren't just an inventory ad platform. We can also take on traditional, digital campaigns as well. We have experience doing paid and organic campaigns on many social websites as well as the offline space. We can coordinate PPC ads along side organic social media campaigns to promote you, your company and your products.

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Ready to get started? The process couldn't be easier. Once signed up, we'll get a feed of your inventory (a data file from your inventory management system or website). Based on your feedback, we, or you, will create the ad designs. We then export out to the ad sources. That's it!

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Ads Created 100K Ad Designs 500 Ad Impressions 1000000+ Third Parties 200+ Ad Clicks 250000+ And Growing

We Put Your Products In Front Of Your Customers Why wait for customers to come to you? Send your inventory to them.

Let us help you reach new customers.

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we can answer all questions via email if you prefer.

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